About our company, our commitment and who we are

Swistec Systems AG is a globally active company and leading supplier of products for intelligent energy management systems. We sell and design innovative products in the fields of ripple control, smart grids and power transformers. Our employees have many years of experience and sound specialist knowledge, and our strengths include individual solutions tailored to the respective customer needs as well as efficient services, which also include a 24-hour on-call service in Switzerland.
We distribute our ripple control products worldwide through cooperations with committed partners. Through Swistec GmbH in Germany and Benelux, through EDA GmbH in Austria, through Robmet Meters in South Africa and through MV Technology Solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Our vision

Swistec is the first point of contact for customers in the areas of load control and smart grid.

Our mission

  • Our systems help our customers to make targeted investments in the distribution grid
  • We support our customers competently through our many years of experience
  • Because we understand our customers, we create added value for them with our products and services.
  • Our service team is always there when and where we are needed
  • We are competent and authentic


We maintain a partnership with our suppliers and place the same high quality requirements on them as we do on ourselves.

Our quality management system

We regard the quality of our products and services as a decisive basis for our business success. We see quality assurance as a means of correctly identifying and meeting our customers’ requirements at all times.

Attractive employer

We position ourselves as an attractive employer and offer our employees a working environment characterised by equal opportunities and mutual respect.

Our environment

is an important asset worthy of protection. We ensure that all legal obligations are complied with. Our actions are geared towards avoiding or reducing the consumption of resources, emissions and waste as far as possible. Our products enable our customers to operate their electrical grids optimally and thus avoid unnecessary grid expansion.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety and health protection have a high priority in our company and comply with the EKAS directive 6508. We rely on the industry solution of the VSE.

Continuous improvement

The further development and optimisation of our products and services is a continuous process. Through continuous improvement, we aim to produce forward-looking solutions and products. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products and solutions we offer.