Swistec Ripple Control services and quality

Ripple control systems must be functional around the clock, 365 days a year. The unprecedented quality of products of Swistec guarantees this to a great extent, also thanks to our well-trained and experienced staff with more than 250 years experience in field of ripple control. To fully benefit from our experience and knowledge, we offer the following services:

ideenConsulting and Support

Due to our highly trained professional team we can offer you an extensive consulting service for all your ripple-control and load management concerns: evaluation of your needs, offering solutions and tender preparation for all ripple-control products. Even third party products can be integrated thanks to our engineers’ superb knowledge.


A new ripple-control system is commissioned by our professional commissioning employees or by a qualified local representative who will be there for you until your system is running smoothly.


We remain your trusted contact for all your ripple control service tasks. Our employees follow all technical regulations and guidelines during maintenance.

telefonOn-call Service

Should you encounter problems you can reach us 365 days per year and 24 hours per day on our service number: +41 (0)840 11 22 33. We will also help you with problems of third party systems (e.g. Zellweger or Enermet).


Your Swistec product holds a warranty service during the first 24 months after the initial commissioning.

zahnradRepair Service and Spare-part Delivery

Despite the resilience of our ripple-control components, there might be the need to repair or replace a part. Contact us, and we will find the best solution for your problem. We also ensure that often needed spare-parts will be delivered to you quickly. You can always count on us.


We gladly train your personnel on how to handle Swistec ripple-control components either at our training facility in Fehraltorf or on-site.