Requirements for the load controller

The load regulator of a ripple control system must satisfy the following two requirements:

1. The distribution utility (e.g. Municipality) wants the lowest possible load peak so as to save tariff costs and reduce investment in the distribution network.

2. The customer should be inconvenienced as little as possible by the load control.

Reducing cost is a constant challenge for all energy supply companies. A significant part of the expenditures for energy are performance-related costs. Reducing the peak power by only a few percent will already lead to big savings. Therefore, making use of load management with ripple control technology in order to reduce peaks will pay off within a few years. Expanding the distribution network is a permanent task, causing investments that need to be considered (interest, write-offs). If the consumption can ideally be distributed over the course of the day it is possible to shift peaks to less busy times. Load control enables you to do so and save expenses for interest and amortisation.

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