Smart Box FTTH

Communication - fiber optic

Together with partners, Swistec has designed a box for the SRcompact+ load control device and a fibre optic switch with 8 or 16 ports. In addition to the load control device, several meters with Ethernet interface can also be connected to the switch.

Features of the BOX

  • Mounting on the spot where the ripple control receiver is mounted (25x40cm)
  • Normally mounted on the meter crosspiece
  • Dimensions of the box, L x W x H (mm): 378 x 188 x 130
  • The box can be sealed on one screw.
  • Cover in transparent or non-transparent version
  • Switch and load control device are pre-wired
  • Switch with 8 or 16 Ethernet ports and one Gigabit fibre optic port
  • Passive ventilation through holes in the rear wall of the box

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