Multichannel power quality and load flow for network level 7 (low voltage).

Areas of application

  • Monitoring of low-voltage outgoing feeders in transformer stations
  • Monitoring of industrial power distribution systems
  • Energy optimization through identification of load behavior


  • Portable industrialized PQI multichannel meter according to 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 of class A
  • Metrological certification IEC61000-4-30 of METAS according to IEC62586-2
  • Integrated WebGUI as HMI, incl. comprehensive cyber security
  • Hard case with IP65 with closed housing
  • Auxiliary power (supply voltage) 230VAC via mains adapter according to 300V CAT IV
  • nominal frequency 42…50…58 Hz
  • Security requirement 600V CAT IV (measuring inputs current & voltage)
  • 64GB SD memory
  • Maximum 36 current measurement inputs per device (9 x L1/L2/L3/N)
  • 1 x voltage tap L1/L2/L3/N/PE by means of voltage measuring leads
  • Fault recorder for current and voltage events
  • Display and evaluation via WEB interface of the device
  • Event list with trigger source, event type, event duration and characteristic event values
  • RMS½ values: up to 1 second before and max. 3 minutes after the event
  • Zoom options & data points for on-site analysis
  • Load profile recording
  • Time synchronization via NTP server
  • Data export via csv (formatable)
  • Current values are time-synchronized to voltage (IEC61000-4-30)
  • UPS on capacitor basis (max. 3 seconds bridging)
  • Data protocols: Modbus/TCP, http, https, IPv4, IPv6, NTP, SFTP, REST API
  • Data communication via LAN or WLAN access point to various end devices
  • Switzerland: analogy and evaluation via PQIS® possible



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