RKS Controller

Powerful and robust hardware

Swistec RKS Controller family

With the RKS controller family, Swistec presents a robust command device that can be integrated into all ripple control systems due to the high variability of its architecture.

All hardware components are designed for use in a harsh industrial environment and have no moving parts (no fans, hard disks, etc.) – which guarantees a maximum service life of the hardware.

The modular concept allows easy retrofitting of additional components on the one hand, and quick replacement of individual components in the event of a potential malfunction on the other.

Basic equipment

  • By means of freely parameterizable interfaces (TCP/IP, V24), the RKS can be networked and connected to upstream control systems or command devices.
  • Support of all common ripple control bit patterns. In decentralized systems, different ripple control tracks can be managed and transmitted in parallel.
  • Powerful processor systems with generous memory capacity allow the complete storage of variable daily schedules and detailed operating protocols.
  • Parameterization and operation of the unit by means of the modern RKS software or by means of a notebook directly at the unit. Optionally, the unit can also be operated on the ISC-2 touchscreen display.
  • Different power supplies for the following supply voltages:
    • 95-265 VAC / 130-370 VDC (TES-43)
    • 48-72 VDC (TES-43/60).
  • EMC-tested and CE-certified according to IEC 1000-4-xx
  • Interfaces on the processor card: LAN, COM, analogue measuring input 0 … 20 mA for load controller.
  • Can also be used as a mobile device.

Extension modules for RKS Hardware

  • LCD touch screen ISC-2: The ISC-2 with its touch-sensitive color display enables a clear presentation and simple on-site operation of the local ripple-control process.
  • GPS receiver GPS-1: Generates the phase-locked guiding frequency and the millisecond time signal required for synchronous ripple control operation in the meshed network and provides the light and temperature sensors integrated in the external antenna.
  • TRE-S control receiver: The TRE-S control receiver provides active and permanent 3-phase monitoring of the signal level on the busbars (two channels per card).



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