RKS Software

Usability and customisation

Usability and customisation

The RKS software is based on years of experience in the ripple control business. The diverse menus and functions, which are specially tailored to the various ripple control tasks, can be operated intuitively. Special customer requirements can be easily integrated.

Only one click away

The “Objects” tab provides an overview of the current status of all objects. One object can be switched by right-clicking. In addition, object specific data can be displayed immediately in other tabs, such as the time program, archive and programming.

The “Station” tab shows the current status of all command devices that are connected to the system. All command devices can be monitored, operated and updated from here.

Message signaling and archive

Fault and warning messages can be triggered from various sources in the ripple control process. The signaling behavior can be determined in detail for each possible message.

If desired, each message can be

  • be logged in the archive

  • visualised in a message list with one of the three priorities and acknowledged as desired. Depending on the priority of the message, different acoustic signals can be output via the PC

  • be reported via an alarm output as signaling for central gong and alarm devices

With the search and filter mechanisms, the archive offers very powerful aids for long-term evaluations of possible sources of interference to ripple-control operation.

Automatisierte Datensicherung des Archivs und der Datenbank ist über USB-Stick, externe Festplatte und jeden Netzwerkspeicher über LAN möglich.

Sämtliche Einstellungen des Datenmodells, die für das Verhalten des Gesamtsystems relevant sind, können im Administrationsreiter eingegeben werden. Aus Sicherheitsgründen kann der Zugang durch ein Passwort geschützt werden.

Damit eine manuelle Pflege des Datenbestands vermieden werden kann, verfügen RKS-Systeme über eine automatische Berechnung der beweglichen Feiertage, welche nur bei der Inbetriebnahme definiert werden müssen.

Measured values

Chronological representation of the load curve, here the comparison of two days.

The following values of each local control unit can be displayed under “Measured values”:

  • Transmission graph: bit patterns of uploaded transmissions measured in real time. This graph is very helpful for pulse error analysis of the TRE-S feedback receiver.

  • Start pulse levels: useful overview of all start pulse levels recorded by the TRE-S feedback receiver. Helpful for long-term analysis of signal strength problems, e.g. defective capacitors.

  • Temperature and luminosity: temperature and luminosity values detected in the GPS-1 antenna.

  • Controller archive (see figure): illustrates sum values, load curve, target and controller object circuits. In addition, the load curves of different days can be compared with each other.

  • Load peaks: Calculates a definable number of load peaks within a defined period.

  • Operating hours (optional): Calculates the operating hours of defined commands: daily, monthly and annual calculations are possible.

All diagrams can be enlarged and moved horizontally and vertically.

Reliable switching of street lighting

The RKS software offers various possibilities to make the switching of public street lighting more reliable. To avoid unintentional switching, the software evaluates the signals of the photocell with the software-internal astronomical calendar.

By automatically calculating the point in time for sunrise and sunset and setting a defined time window, unwanted switching actions can be prevented and any malfunction of the light sensor that may occur can be shunted by forced switching on or off.

In a system with more than one local control unit, the software offers the possibility to form groups with the same switching times (i.e. if the twilight switch of 2 out of 5 substations is on, the whole group is switched on). In case of a problem with the communication link, the local control units switch autonomously.

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