SRS Ripple Control Transmitter

Flexible and future-proof

Swistec Static Ripple Control Transmitter SRS

The Swistec static ripple control transmitters SRS are optimized for the needs of ripple control:

  • Specially developed for ripple control applications
  • Power modules in durable and extremely reliable IGBT technology
  • Suitable for all types of coupling (parallel, series or low-voltage injection)
  • The Swistec RKS controller family and the SRS transmitter are matched to each other and form a single unit.
  • Operation and parameterization on site via an LCD touch panel.
  • Availability of all messages in the RKS (also in the control center).
  • The ripple control transmitter SRS can be synchronized with other transmitters.
  • For maximum reliability, redundant operation of 2 ripple control transmitters is possible (with automatic switchover in the event of a fault).
  • The SRS ripple control transmitter has a modular design:
    • Power ratings from 4 to 400 kVA
    • Advanced modular technology
    • Customer specific configuration options possible
  • The SRS ripple control transmitter has extensive diagnostic tools and is designed to be service-friendly.

This link explains the SRS-3x ripple control transmitter family in detail.




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