Measurment Equipment for various applications

SRcheck – everything under control

Rundsteuerung Prüfgerät SRcheck – alles unter Kontrolle

The SRcheck is a modern Ripple Control receiver in small size. It can be placed anywhere in the distribution network and registers all received commands and its voltage levels. There are 3 potential free, programmable outputs. Depending on requirements, the received telegram pulse or a DECABIT 3 second signal are available.

Click here for the detailed datasheet.


Rundsteuerung Prüfgerät SPM3, das unentbehrliche Messgerät für den EVU-Service

Advantages of the pulse level meter SPM3:

  • AF voltages up to 20 V
  • Audio frequency range 50 Hz … 2 kHz
  • Choice of 3 bandwidths
  • Continuous measurements
  • Pulse measurements
  • Operating voltage 100 … 264 V
  • USB interface


The selective pulse level meter SPM3 has especially been designed for the fast and precise measurement of audio frequency voltages on mains voltage level. Thanks to its convenient features, it is particularly appropriate for field service by electric utilities.

The measuring range for AF voltages is from 0 V to 20 V. A new center frequency can easily be selected in 1/10 Hz increments via the numerical keys, up to a maximum of 2 kHz. Three fixed, specified filter bandwidths of 1.7%, 3.7% and 6.0% can be selected by the single push of a button.

Click here for the detailed datasheet