Broadband Powerline

Broadband Powerline Communications: putting the “smart” into the smart grid

For Smart Metering and Smart Grids to become a reality, a powerful communications platform which is able to transport key energy data in real-time is essential. It needs to be IP-based and broadband and offer secure encryption.
Our Broadband Powerline technology fulfils these requirements and more by transporting data directly over the existing power grid.
Not only is BPL the optimal solution but, with no monthly fees and no third-party dependency, it is one of the most cost-efficient solutions available.

Smart Grid, Breitband-Powerline der 4. GenerationIP-based, real-time transmission with broadband frequency

Our solution turns low (230-400V) and medium voltage networks (1-36kV) into efficient broadband communications infrastructures. Modern encryption algorithms and authentication methods offer maximum security for transporting the data, ensuring maximum data protection. We use tried and tested data transfer standards from the field of telecommunications, guaranteeing flexibility and future reliability.

Security – Flexibility – Scalability

PPC’s BPL system is adapted to meet the operating standards and network operations of the energy provider whilst maintaining full operation of the power grid. Dynamic switching between the various devices ensures optimal connection quality at all times, even during switching processes in the distribution network. Our BPL system is able to automatically adapt to all conditions in the various operating modes of the power grid and this adaptability enables its use in electricity networks with various configurations such as meshed, ring or tree structures.
Based on TCP/IP protocol our BPL system offers a wide range of future-proof applications. Dynamic routing and smart repeaters guarantee optimal connectivity and great flexibility in the installation of entry points.


BPL Low Voltage Devices

BPL-Niederspannungsgeräte, Gateway Compact BPL Modem 4A BPL2W1L2M1RCompact BPL Modem

Compact BPL modems in DIN rail casing have been developed to be fitted into meter cabinets (over voltage category III) for smart metering. Integrated Ethernet, RS-485, Wireless-M-Bus or ZigBee interfaces can easily connect meters of all manufacturers and types.

BPL-Niederspannungsgeräte, Gatewaymodul zu EasyMeter EMBPL

Meter Integrated BPL Modules

Small BPL modules designed to fit into standard meters enable future proof metering in real-time.

With BPL inside, meters automatically become part of a Smart Grid and meter data is immediately available in the backend systems.

Prepayment or remote disconnect functionality can easily be implemented.

BPL-Niederspannungsgeräte, Headend Rugged BPL Modem 4B BPL1LHeadend Rugged BPL Modem

The headend is the interface between the BPL network and the backbone. It modulates data on the low-voltage grid with a gross data rate of 200 Mbps.

BPL-Niederspannungsgeräte, Repeater Rugged BPL Modem 4B BPL0LRepeater Rugged BPL Modem

The repeater extends the transmission distance in the power grid. It amplifies the signal according to the store and forward principle. It is robust, easy to install and small enough to be located in a street cabinet.

BPL Medium Voltage Devices

BPL-Mittelspannungsgeräte, Koppler BPL24CCCoupler BPL24CC

With the BPL24CC medium-voltage coupler and state-of-the-art BPL technology medium-voltage grids can be turned into broadband data networks. It enables the fast and easy connection of  medium-voltage cables and Powerline modems. The new BPL24CC is the cutting-edge development in signal-coupling technology. It has been developed specifically for the transmission of broadband signals. Together with our MV200 BPL modem, this coupler enables data transmission rates of up to 30 Mbps. Proven in the largest BPL roll-out worldwide, it is the perfect solution for transmitting data on medium-voltage networks.

BPL-Mittelspannungsgeräte, Rugged BPL Modem 4B BPL1L1BRugged BPL Modem 4B BPL1L1B

PPC’s patented medium-voltage coupler enables the medium-voltage modem to transmit data on cables of up to 40kV.


BPL-Mittelspannungsgeräte, Software, Netzwerk-Management-SystemNetworking Management System

Our network management system ensures efficient support for the commercial operation of BPL networks:

  • Supervision and diagnosis of the BPL network
  • Easy to use, web-based client/server structure
  • Central configuration of the BPL network components
  • Multi-user functionality with variable user levels (technical hotline, second level, administrators)
  • SNMP